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BA / MA Studies
American Studies

History of American literature 1865-2000.

BA studies (six semesters) conducted in English in the English Institute and American Studies, University of Gdańsk

Our students will obtain a good knowledge of American history, culture, and literature. They will develop their English-language skills, as all classes are conducted in English. All written work is also in English.

Time and place of studies
Classes are held from Monday through Friday in the English Institute, University of Gdańsk

Fields of Study
Students will take courses in three thematic areas: history of the United States (including the colonial period), American culture (the arts, cinema, music, theater), and American literature (fiction, poetry, and drama). The subjects studied in these courses will vary from year to year. A list of planned topics is given below. Most courses, except for an overview of American history, do not aim to cover the whole of American culture or literature, but are intended to deal with specific topics in depth.

In addition, students will take courses in British history and literature, literary theory, in the theory of theatre (with elements of performance studies), and in the study of multimedia artistic products in a cultural context (e.g. film, TV).

Requirements for acceptance
Candidates must have successfully completed their high school education with all the required final examinations. They must also possess an appropriate level of English-language skills.

Program of Studies
Each of the three thematic components (American history, culture, and literature) is made up of 120 hours of lectures and tutorials/seminars.
In addition, students will take 630 hours of courses in practical English-language skills.

Fields of study

I. American History
Possible topics –

    1. Colonial Period
    2. The Rise of the United States
    3. Early Republic and the Antebellum Period
    4. The Civil War
    5. Industrial revolution and territorial expansion
    6. Political and social history of the 20th century
    7. The rise of mass society
    8. US foreign policy
    9. The ethnic composition of American society
    10. US political system – its evolution and the present form

II. American Culture:
Possible Topics –

    1. History of American art
    2. American film in its social context
    3. American theater
    4. American music from Gershwin to hip-hop
    5. Ethnic cultures in America
    6. The role of religion
    7. The global impact of American pop culture

III. American Literature
Possible Topics –

    1. Nineteenth-century American poetry (Poe, Whitman, Dickinson)
    2. Twentieth-century American poetry from Pound to Ashbery
    3. American horror fiction from C. B. Brown to Stephen King
    4. American novel and society
    5. Postmodern American fiction
    6. Ethnic strains in American literature from slave narratives to the present
    7. Classic American drama (O’Neill, Williams, Miller)
    8. Contemporary American drama
    9. The Puritan heritage
    10. American women writers

IV. Twentieth-century Literary Theory

    1. Formalism and structuralism
    2. The poststructuralist turn – e.g. pragmatics, cultural studies, deconstruction, feminist literary studies, gender studies, and queer studies.

This course is taught by lecture and seminar.

V. Theory of Theater (with Elements of Performance Studies)
Theory of Theater aims to enable students to “read” theatrical performances. The course will demonstrate various ways of talking about the theater and of describing theatrical performances. It will also examine the function of language (“stage speech”) and also ways of producing meaning on stage. The questions of stage time and space will also be discussed, as will their role in creating theatrical meaning.

VI. Multimedia Artistic Products in a Cultural Context
This course will examine multimedia artistic products, such as films, TV programs, and stage plays. It will consider issues connected with the translation of verbal texts into multimedia ones (for example, the screen adaptation of literary texts). The course aims to combine theoretical approaches to its topic with practical analyses of multimedia products. Film studies and history form a central element of this course.

BA Seminar
The BA seminar aims to prepare students to complete their BA thesis (a 35-40 page essay written in English) in the course of one academic year.

Start of classes
The projected date for the start of classes is 1 October 2008.

prof. UG, dr hab. Andrzej Ceynowa,
prof. UG, dr hab. Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim,
prof. UG, dr hab. Marek Wilczyński,
Dr Adam Krasowski
Dr Arkadiusz Misztal
Dr Anna Mazurkiewicz
Dr Grzegorz Welizarowicz
Dr Beata Williamson

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