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Hello and welcome to the Erasmus+ page for the Institute of English and American Studies (IEAS). You can contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator for more information:

Javier Fernandez-Sanchez



The Erasmus+ 2023/2024 application period is now officially open for students at the Institute of English and American Studies!
  1. Who can apply? Students currently in their 1st BA, 2nd BA or 1st MA.
  2. Where can I go? See the attachments below or click here for the list of universities that our institute has an agreement with.
  3. When will I go? Mainly during the winter semester. First year students can choose the summer semester as well.
  4. Will I get funding? Yes. In this link you will find more information about funding as well as the overall procedures (please note that this information is not up to date, as the general application period starts later).
  5. How do I apply? If you are a student at the Institute of English and American Studies and you want to apply for an Erasmus+ for the academic year 2023/2024, you need to fill in this application form until January 8th, 2023. In this form, you will have to upload an application letter (instructions in the link). After the application period is closed, you will be called for a short talk with an interview panel that will assess your candidacy. Shortly after that, you will be informed of the final decision.
  6. I want to know more! The Erasmus+ coordinator will organize a meeting in December (date TBA), you're more than welcome to join and ask all your questions.


The list of courses for the next academic year (2022/2023) is already available, check the links below.

The Institute of English and American Studies (IEAS) offers courses linked to American Studies, English LiteratureLinguistics and Translation Studies. There are also courses in Mangaement of Arts Institutions and Cultural Communication, as well as specialisations in Teaching English and American Culture.


If you're interested in a Staff Mobility for Training (STT) or Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA), please check this link, where you will find information about deadlines, funding and the paperwork needed to apply. Click here (or see the attachments below) for a list of universities with which we have a bilateral agreement for STA mobilities.



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