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Incoming students | Wydział Filologiczny

Incoming students

Departmental Erasmus+ coordinator:
mgr Agnieszka Bielińska
Duty hours: Monday 10:35-11:20, Wednesday, 09:45-10:30 (summer semester 2019/2020)
Room: 253 (2nd floor)
More information about Erasmus+ programme at the University of Gdansk:
You can choose among all courses we provide, both at Slavistics and Balkan Studies, but please note that most of them are held in Polish language only. Therefore they are available for those students that speak this language. You should also know that:
  1. courses held during summer semester usually begin in the winter semester (the summer semester is the continuation of the winter semester);
  2. not all courses mentioned on the lists of our courses below are available each year – it depends on the existing groups of students (on the amount of students in them), so before starting up with your semester at our department you should check the availability of courses you have chosed before going on your scholarship.
Here you can find the lists of our courses that are planned to be held during the 2019/2020 academic year:
The lists are available in Polish language: If you need any more information, please, contact our departmental Erasmus+ coordinator, mgr Agnieszka Bielińska.
Introductory meeting
The introductory meeting will be held at the Faculty of Philology at the beginning of the winter / summer semester. Details will be given at the appropriate time.
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