Festiwal Teatru i Literatury Between. Pomiędzy i konferencja Reading Maps in Literature and Theatre | Wydział Filologiczny

Festiwal Teatru i Literatury Between. Pomiędzy i konferencja Reading Maps in Literature and Theatre


Międzynarodowa konferencja naukowa Reading Maps in Literature and Theatre

odbędzie się w dniach 18-19 maja 2018

w ramach festiwalu Between.Pomiędzy na Wydziale Filologicznym UG.


  • Konferencja finansowana ze środków festiwalu Between.Pomiędzy 2018.
  • Organizatorzy: prof. dr hab. David Malcolm, dr hab. Tomasz Wiśniewski, dr Katarzyna Kręglewska.
  • Program: http://www.between.org.pl/en/main/


Conference 18-19 May 2018

University of Gdańsk.

In 2018, besides theatre performances, meetings with authors, readings, happenings, and film shows, the Between.Pomiędzy International Festival of Literature and Theatre has – as it always does – a strong academic programme. This includes: The University of Gdańsk Samuel Beckett Seminar; and a conference on Reading Maps in Literature and Theatre. The latter consists, among other events, of:

  • a discussion of Christian poetry with poet and scholar Michael Edwards of the Académie Française;
  • a seminar on Maps with outstanding scholars from Poland and abroad in conversation (e.g. Paweł Potoroczyn and Przemysław Czapliński);
  • a seminar discussion on dramatic literature with Piotr Tomaszuk that is co-organised with the Polish Society for the Study of European Romanticism;
  • a theatre laboratory Mapping Beckett led by Dr Nicolas Johnson (Trinity College Dublin) and Dr Jonathan Heron (University of Warwick);
  • and theatre workshop with Robson Corrêa de Camargo.

We invite all interested to attend these and participate in discussions.

The programme is available at http://www.between.org.pl/en/main/.

  • Prof. dr hab. David Malcolm
  • Dr Katarzyna Kręglewska
  • Dr hab. Tomasz Wiśniewski


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