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About our Institute

About our Institute

Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies
Wita Stwosza 51, room 150
80-308 Gdańsk
Tel. +48 58 523 30 30

Head of Institute 

dr hab. Maria Sibińska, prof. UG
tel. +48 58 523 30 30

Deputy Head of Institute

dr hab. Hanna Dymel-Trzebiatowska, prof. UG
tel. +48 58 523 30 30
e-mail: hanna.dymel-trzebiatowska@ug.edu.pl


Sylwia Stegemann
room 150
tel. +48 58 523 30 30

The research and education mission of the Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies at the University of Gdańsk is to foster the development of interdisciplinary knowledge about Scandinavia and Polish-Scandinavian relations. To achieve this goal, our Institute provides instruction in the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish languages seen as the most direct tools to express such knowledge. It is our view that Scandinavia may inspire Poland and the Poles in multiple ways because it is a distinctive area both in Europe and in the Baltic Sea Region.

Since our curriculum has been informed by area studies and their focus on the study of the language and culture of a given country, the Scandinavian Studies Program offered at the University of Gdańsk may be called a “non-typical philology”. Our faculty members offer courses and carry out their research in the area of culture, literature, and linguistics as well as sociopolitical affairs. Moreover, the scope of our research and education activities has quite recently been extended to include media and social communication as well as foreign policies pursued by the Nordic countries.

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