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For all those students who are interested in applying for Erasmus+ the next round of applications will take place in February 2019. Before this, there will be an orientation meeting in January 2019 for all those people who are interested. 

Advertisements for the orientation meeting and infomation about the application procedure will appear in December 2018.


At the moment, the universities we are in partnership with include:

University of Arad – Romania

Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha – Spain

Universitat Hamburg – Germany

Universidad de Jaén – Spain

Universitat Leipzig – Germany

Universitat Paderborn – Germany

Universite Paris XII Val de Marne - France

University of Portsmouth – Great Britain

Universitat Salzburg (Paris-Lodron) - Austria

Universidad de Vigo – Spain


Erasmus+ Coordinator

Martin Blaszk


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