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Principal Investigator:

Fina Carpena-Méndez has a doctoral degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. Her research deals with neoliberal globalization and transnational migration as they are experienced and simultaneously re-shaped by children and young people. She has worked on the transnational circulation and hyper-mobility of Latin American migrant children and their families in Celtic Tiger Ireland. Carpena-Méndez is conducting multi-temporal ethnographic research on Mexican rural livelihoods and economic restructuring, new migrant-sending rural communities, indigenous adolescents and youth’s circular migration to urban areas in the U.S. and return migration to rural Mexico, transnational families and the children left behind. Her research produced in collaboration with indigenous migrant youth in Mexico and the U.S. offers critical opportunities for comparative perspectives on youth, knowledge and cultural identities in the context of rapid socio-economic transformations. Dr Carpena-Méndez had been a visiting scholar at the Center for US-Mexican Studies and the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego, University College Cork in Ireland, and has taught at Oregon State University. Her publications include a co-authored book, “Childhood and Migration in Europe” (Ashgate 2011), and a co-edited book, “Transnational Migration and Childhood” (Routledge 2013). She is Chair of the Food, Agriculture and Rural Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association.

Scientific partner:

Aleksandra Wierucka has a doctoral degree from the University of Gdańsk and works as an anthropologist in Department for Cultural Studies. Her research deals with traditional cultures of the Amazon and traditional Amazonian shamanism as well as development perspectives of indigenous youth. She conducts her research in Ecuador, Poland and Russia (Buryatia). Dr Wierucka has been a visiting scholar in Riga Stradins University (Anthropology Department). Her publications include a monograph “Huaorani of the Western Snippet” (Palgrave 2015) and four co-edited books, as well as numerous articles. Dr Wierucka is a member of American Anthropological Association, Latin American Studies Association, Association for Cultural Studies and Polish Society for Cultural Studies.




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