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Forum Nordicum 2021

Forum Nordicum 2021

We invite you all to our seminar “Forum Nordicum”! It is a research seminar organized by the Institute of Scandinavian and Finnish Studies to share the research and other activities of our Institute. Come and listen to our PhD students present their projects during three seminars this spring. The seminars will take place on MS Teams.



13:15–14:45 CET

Dominika Bartnik-Światek

Constructing the Nordic region and Nordicness in Polish and French women’s online magazines in the XXI century 

[the seminar will be held in English]


Discussant: Thomas Mohnike


Download the summary: https://bit.ly/2QaBksO

Join the seminar: https://bit.ly/2RslpWX



13:15-14:45 CET

Paulina Siegień

Imagined geographies, territorial imagologies and spatial myths. Cultural contexts of constructing the Kaliningrad region as a heterotopia 

[the seminar will be held in Polish]


Discussant: dr hab. Maciej Raś


Download the summary: https://bit.ly/2P1aBym

Join the seminar: https://bit.ly/2OX42Ni



13:15–14:45 CET

Marta Skorek

Discourse shapes marine space: Representations of the macro-regional governance of the Baltic Sea and their social-ecological implications 

[the seminar will be held in English]


Discussant: Prof. Björn Hassler


Download the summary: https://bit.ly/2QsagFb

Join the seminar: https://bit.ly/3uTQbXa


Forum Nordicum


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